In line with our purpose, we focus our effort on activities that improve the communities we work in as well as improving the quality of life of our stakeholders. We have a solid involvement and connection with the communities we work in through community support programs that we initiate and participate in. Our community improvement initiatives cover all our stakeholders from people affected by our projects, clients, suppliers, business partners, the government and our employees. Conducting ourselves in a responsible, efficiently and effective manner contributes to the well being of our stakeholders and the economy at large.

The nature of our work impacts positively on the communities in which we work from in many ways, inter alia;

  • We have created opportunities for access to shelter for the low, medium and high-income communities.
  • We have developed industrial and commercial infrastructure in support of economic activity, employment creation and economic growth. In the process, we have created employment for people in the areas we operate from.
  • Our policy provides for procurement from both small and medium scale local suppliers to support their development and make a positive impact on their lives and the downstream beneficiaries. 
  • Staff training is conducted to enhance the development of individuals and communities in general.
  • Road infrastructure supports easy movement of people and transportation of trading goods.
  • We use energy serving solar water heaters and solar street lighting to preserve electricity.
  • Improving the quality of livelihood of people by providing water (life) and sewer (hygiene) infrastructure.
  • We support direct employment and downstream employment.
  • We actively participate in charity work through donations to education and community development projects.