Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Policy

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Policy As part of measures and commitments towards the protection of the environment and the safety and
health of employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, and the rest of the stakeholders in the day to day conduct of business, management and the Board of Directors of Exodus & Company (Pvt) Ltd accepts, as its duty and responsibility, the promotion and upholding of high standards of sustainability,
safety and quality in the conduct of our business activities.

The company has embraced innovation, technological development, health and safety of people and care for the environment, as the base for sustainable and safe delivery of projects for our customers. Our vison and passion for improving the quality of life of our stakeholders drive us to do our best in
protecting the environment and offering quality products and services to our stakeholders.

In pursuit of our sustainability, safety and quality policies and objectives, we remain committed to:

Management and the Board of Directors shall review this policy annually and ensure it is implemented in its entirety.