Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a solid involvement and connection with our communities through communitysupport programs that we initiate and participate in. Our community improvement initiatives cover all ourstakeholders from people affected by our projects, clients, suppliers, business partners, members, and the government.

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives aim to improve sustainably the communities we operate from and include the following;


We have created opportunitiesfor access to shelter tolow, medium, and high-income communities in Zimbabwe.

Employment Creation

  • We have developed industrial and commercial infrastructure in support of economic activity, employment creation and economic growth.
  • In the process, we have created employment for people in the areas we operate from.

Support Local Communities

  • Our policy provides for procurement from both small and medium scale local suppliers to support their development and make a positive impact in their lives.

Charitable Activities

  • We actively participate in charity work including donations to education and community development projects.
  • The charitable and developmental activities we engage are tested for responsiveness and appropriateness to the needs of local communities from the grassroots level.

Equal Opportunity to Employment

  • Our employment policy promotesequal access and fair employment opportunities to all employees on the basis of merit.
  • Staff training is conducted to enhance thedevelopment of individuals and the communities in general.

Environment Management

  • High awareness to environmental issues and application of appropriate mitigation measures.
  • We continuouslyresearch on possibilities of deploying affordable renewable energy, recycling of resources, and reduction of carbon emissions as part of measures to improve the environment in the communities we build.

Copley School Classroom Block


As part of our corporate social responsibility thrust and community development initiatives, Exodus & Company built and handed over a Classroom Block, fully furnished with desks, chairs and other classroom fittings to Copley School, Mvurwi

We constructed the block from foundation up to its final finishes.