Why Invest in Madokero Apartments?

Good Rental Yields

The gated apartments have a resilient market demand and as such they attract good rentals.  The huge backlog of housing supply in Zimbabwe makes the rental market very buoyant in the country, and the closeness of Madokero Apartments to the city centre and to other large shopping centres makes these apartments even more attractive.


Unit Type Price Est. Monthly Rent Est. Yield
2 bedroom 72,000 U$600 10%

Estimated rent based on local area letting agents’ guidance.


Value Growth Opportunity

Real estate property in Zimbabwe carries huge potential for value growth. Since 2009 when the country adopted the multi-currency regime, well-kept residential properties in good areas have gained at least 20% in value growth per year and this trend is expected to continue into the future. No other asset types have offered investors such huge risk adjusted returns. Madokero Apartments have the potential to gain even at a higher rate due to reasonable entry price, quality of the apartments, location factors, and the general quality of homes in the area.



The investor’s capital is secured by the underlying real estate behind the investment, which significantly lowers the overall investment risk, as the investor will hold sectional title to the apartments.


Passive Investment Opportunity

The investors do not need to put any time and effort into this investment.


Madokero Apartments in a Well Developed Estate

Madokero Gardens offer high quality apartments in a well developed and integrated residential suburb, with a regional commercial centre, local shopping centre, medical centre, 2 medical surgeries, 5 schools, several crèches, a police post, and 30 light industry stands. Proximity to well developed retail, commercial and social services makes the apartments more attractive and valuable.